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Tera Best Solo Class

TERA is very much a grouping game with great dungeons and of course the BAMs. However there are quite a lot of solo content and group content that can be soloed. BAM’s can even be soloed. In most Mmorpg’s healers and spell casting classes are usually the best soloers. But in TERA, the Melee classes are generally the best choices. In this guide we will show you what the best classes are for Soloing.

Tera Best Solo Class


Solo Capability : 3 / 5

Due to low survivability, Archers are not among the top soloers.


Solo Capability : 4/5

Berserkers are great soloers. Almost as good as Slayers or Warriors. They can solo most BAMs


Solo Capability : 3/5

Lancers do not have enough DPS like Warriors or Slayers. So when soloing they generally take to long to kill Mobs.


Solo Capability : 2 / 5

The healing classes in TERA are way to squishy and have to low DPS. They can still solo decently if you have the skills.


Solo Capability : 2 / 5

Much like the Mystic, Priest have to little survivability and DPS.


Solo Capability : 3 / 5

Sorcerers do a lot of damage. But are squishy and do not have the survivability of the melee solo classes.


Solo Capability : 5/5

Slayers are among the best soloers in the game. Slayers can solo most BAM’s relatively easy if you know the tactics.


Solo Capability : 5/5

Warriors excel at soloing, and is often regarded the best solo class in Tera. They have an amazing damage output and can take a beating. Like Slayers, Warriors can solo most BAMs

So there you have it. With the right skills you can probably solo BAMs and other content with any class in this game but generally Warriors, Slayers and Berserkers are the best.

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